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He is the example of a real gentleman. He observes every little thing that happen around him. He can capture any girl in just one smile. His touch was like giving you some kind of mini-electricity. His eyes are brown. He speak with intelligence. He is smart. He is funny at the same time. His laugh is the very best music that ever made when you heard it. He respects everyone's opinion. He is a very responsible man. He's nice. He has this unbearable eyes when he stared at you. He always have this unreadable expressions in his face. He doesn't care bout what other people think of him. Sometimes when he's not in his mood he just so aloof and snob, but when it comes to the people whose important to him, he always give his smile as a greeting.
Gabriel: "What is that?"
Unknown: "I accidentally cut myself."
Gabriel: "Have you treat it already?"
Unknown: "Not yet."
Gabriel: "Come here, I'll do it for you."
by The "Unknown" December 07, 2011
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I really loveable funny guy. Which is very cute and can make anyone laugh. He could light up the room with one word and makes everyone happy. He can be a the nicest person ever or the meanest person you will ever meet. But always be friends with a Gabriel cause they will make you life better
Everyone loves Gabriel.
by PineapplePrincess January 07, 2017
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He's calm, cool, and collected. He's hilarious and spells crap however he wants. Good-looking and extremely nice. Confident and smart. Is rarely called by his full name and finds it strange when people do call him by that. Has lived in multiple states and is of mystery descent. Don't bother asking where he's from, because you have to be extremely brainy to figure it out.
Girl 1: "Do you know Gabriel?"
Girl 2: "You mean Gabe?"
Girl 1: "Yes.... Gabe."
Girl 2: "OMG. YES. He's like soooo cool and nice."
Girl 1: "Yeah, I know..."
Girl 1: ~rolls eyes~
by madmackenzee July 12, 2011
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Amazing. He is the boyfriend every girl lays awake at night dreaming about. Handsome, romantic, loyal. His smile radiates across a room, and his touch creates electricity wherever it goes. Normally has brown hair, and an lean attractive build, though not bulky. Loves to love and if your lucky enough to have him, he'll make you the happiest person in the world. He also extremely delightful in bed, and will make sure you feel good before he does.
Girl 1: Your dating Gabriel?!? OMG! *jealousy*
Girl 2: I know. *blushes* Don't know how it happened. But it's amazing.
by fairyfreak1423 August 24, 2011
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The sexiest and most caring guy you will ever meet usually mixed racial usually mixed with some Hispanic and loves having fun, being random and usually is very social. Also he is there whenever your hurt or whenever you need help he's just an awesome and one of the most perfect guys.
Girl A:Hey have you met Gabriel he's hilarious

Girl B: And handsome apparently


Guy A: Hey this is friend Gabriel

Girl A: Nice to meet you Gabriel

Gabriel: The pleasure is all mine you are a very beautiful woman

Girl A: Why don't I show the house, if you'll follow me to the bedroom we can begin the tour

Guy B: Whoa did Gabriel just hit it off with her, but they just met

Guy A: I can't believe it either

Girl B: I can i mean have you seen him, what a catch
by ThatUrbanWritter September 29, 2013
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Gabriel is a big ass player and always plays games with girls he gets. He usually screws up a lot. But he is still a kind hearted gentlemen. He has the best smile on earth. But he doesn't really smile that often. He is a positive person sometimes, but he mostly sad. Gabriel is a gamer and can make friends easily but it is hard for him to keep them
Gabriel is a something special when you give him a chance
by Coldhearted July 31, 2016
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Probably the best looking person ever. He is smart and daring. He also gets all of the ladies. Gabriel was the first billionnaire president of the world. He also spells shit however he wants so don't correct him.He is tight with chuck norris, and hes gods other son. In essence he is t3h hax0rs.
Damn dude, you're such a Gabriel for hooking up with Jessica Alba

Thanks you're quite a Gabriel yourself!
by Gaberiel September 10, 2008
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