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A fat guy who sells diet books
by Assweepay November 05, 2003

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The opposite of sucks
Black Sabbath rules!
Bon Jovi sucks shit.
by Assweepay October 31, 2003

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Cartoon I'd like to fuck
Betty Rubble is such a cilf
by Assweepay May 11, 2004

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A person with an abnormally large penis.
Long Dong Silver, Shaquille O'Neal
by Assweepay August 13, 2003

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Italian wedding invitation
You comma to wedding, Maria missed her period.
by Assweepay July 29, 2003

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Sarah Palin is just Dan Quayle with tits.
by Assweepay October 05, 2008

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Hockey Night in Canada bitch
Ron Maclean is Don Cherry's hnic bitch.
by Assweepay November 26, 2006

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