5 definitions by Matt Burnham

play on seabicuit; albeit completely unrelated. refers to the act of moving a file or folder to the root of the c:\ drive.
(tom and bob are messing around on the computer)
tom: whats this shortcut for on the desktop?
bob: i dunno, why dont you cdiskit in case its useful.
tom: ok
by Matt Burnham November 03, 2005
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Secret Service officer 1:POTUS is at buckeye(camp david)
Secret Service officer 2: Roger that
by Matt Burnham September 15, 2005
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When someone tells someone else something against their will - "forcing" it into their ear, hence rape
Man, that cashier would not stop going on about her neighbors, she really ear raped me!
by Matt Burnham May 18, 2006
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expert at something particular, opposite of noob
person a:that exoob is totally pwning!
person b:he makes us look like noobs!
by Matt Burnham August 23, 2005
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contracted form of just a sec(ond); not to be taken literally
Tom:come on were gonna be late!
Joe:jus'sec i gotta finish this up!
by Matt Burnham September 23, 2005
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