A nickname for the Pacific Northwest that is the equivalent of calling Orange County 'The OC'.
-You know that Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle?
-Yeah, there's a lot of great musicians that come from the PNW.
-Don't call it that.
by Guidorius January 25, 2010
I heard that Kevin is going to be back in the PNW for Thanksgiving.
by Jeff August 11, 2004
"PNW" Post Nuclear World - Post nuke war- referring to a fictional apocalyptic era in time, that is in the aftermath wake of an all out nuclear war on earth
Who would have imagined the only food source left in this PNW were the cochroaches.
by sr71isalive February 11, 2015
Mr Smith's PNW is over $500,000. He owns a paid-off home in the city, and has 2 luxury cars and additional savings in the bank. He should easily get approved for this loan.
by BeeJay101 March 16, 2016
Person with a small penis, who makes up for it by enlarging their e-penis
Internet forum users are such pnws
by jthefrank May 10, 2005
a 13 year old idiot that thinks the 1st Amendment gives him the right to say whatever he wants.
there are many pnw's in forums
by rshorty June 9, 2005