People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
an organization created by people who love animals enough to stand up for them. peta2 is a website and you can go there to research more. peta helps people to become vegetarians and learn more about the cruelty of animals, and how they should be treated better because like us animals CAN feel.
julia-that guy is so ignorant! he says he loves animals BUT he still eats meat and is so closed minded!
vegetarian-oh wow! doesnt he know that by buying animal-by products he is sopporting the meat industry and animal cruelty!
julia-yeah seriously its like eating his own animals, thats just sick!
vegetarian-i knoww lets take him to a peta meeting ASAP!
by jul-eh-uh June 19, 2007
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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

A warm-hearted and caring animal rights organization.
Very misunderstood, they beleive in total animal liberation, PETA beleives that animals should have rights just as humans, and that using animal flesh or products for food or any other use is immoral and cruel. In an ideal world pets would still exist, but they would be seen as our companions as opposed to our property.
by charlien March 02, 2008
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Something people like to bash on urbandictionary because they don't have the willpower nor the mercy to become vegan/vegetarian.
Joe was fat and loved fried chicken. He didn't have the willpower to stop eatin fried chicken so to make himself feel better instead of joining PETA he wrote a mean definition about PETA on urbandictionary. Now he feels better about eating fried chicken and he will continue to eat it until he dies in a few days from heart disease.
by holly the ginger kid. August 05, 2007
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A group of people who, though sometimes wrong and extreme, will be the ones laughing when they're 100 years old and most others, mainly meat-eaters, have died of obesity, heart attacks and strokes.
(80 years from now)

Vegan 1: Hey, remember that smartass who said that, just to teach us a lesson, he was going to eat 3 animals for every animal we refused to?

Vegan 2: Oh, you mean Meaty McCarnivore? Yeah...he died the same day.

Vegan 1: Excellent!
by Adam Rose August 22, 2005
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The coolest, cutest, nicest girl ever.
She has the best personality, also very quick witted and very smart.
She is bubbly, and beautiful and has the most amazingly dark eyes, I could lose my soul in them.
She has a billion allergies, but that is just one of her many charms.
SHE HAS THE CUTEST DIMPLES! (and puffy cheeks)
She has a bad habit of attracting all the weird guys, and stalkers love her.
Guy 1: I can't help but look into those eyes! *stares*
Guy 2: Peta strikes again! *poker face*

Guy 3: Wow! Look at those dimples! *heart melts*
Guy 4: That was definitely a Peta. *snaps fingers*

Stalker: OMG. There goes Peta!
Michael: Fuck off Mush! You have to start off friends first!
Michael: *facepalm*
Stalker: I bought her a necklace for her birthday...
Michael: You just don't understand do you? -_-
by WesCarrTheSnowman March 01, 2011
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half of these dumb shits say bad things about peta because they've never givin' it a chance. it's an amazing organization that is changing the world. they've saved millions of animals and are stopping animal cruelty all over the world. and, it's good to know people care..
by mirandablair August 24, 2008
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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals-an orginization that promotes animal rights and exposes companies that do abusive things to animals for their own financial gain. This is usually done with hidden cameras worn by animal rights activists posing as employees.
"Did you hear about that baby circus elephant that died from falling off a platform?"

"Wow. That's terrible. And I'm sure that nobody would even know about it if it wasn't for PETA."
by Charlotte1993 February 07, 2010
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