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1. Said when expressing apathy towards something
2. Used to acknowledge something you dislike/disagree with
3. Said after doing something to say it was easy/pointless
"Today I'll show you my favourite bookend!"
by Psi November 03, 2003
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A word used when somethin bad/nasty has been said to you.
Matt: My teddy is sexier than you
Alice: Hmph
by Alice D September 27, 2006
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The noise one makes after proving something wrong, as in to show the other inferior.
This is the best way to throw a rock (rock lands 30 feet away).
No, THIS is (rock lands 40 feet away).
by Darrell A. Pierce January 12, 2004
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Hmph is a word to describe you either agree with some shit or you don't agree. Or hell its one of those words that just come out of no where.
Brad Pitt-"I done checked out this fine ass pregnant Asian today"

Angelina Jolie-"Did you fuck her?"

Brad Pitt-"Hell yeah"

Angelina Jolie-"Did you offer her money for the baby?"

Brad Pitt-"hmph"
by J.D Fresh January 22, 2008
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Shorthand for a common whine emitted by triathletes who have bitten off more than they can chew on an early season bicycle ride. Stands for "Help, My Pussy Hurts"
Jill: OK Kelvin, let's pick up the pace a little, we only have 30 more miles to go.

Kelvin: HMPH!
by Yuri-Nator March 21, 2011
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