Going face-first into the ground.
I was speeding down the highway at 70 mph and someone dove in front of me. I nearly got knocked off my bike. Eating dirt would've sucked.
by AtlanticComputer August 31, 2020
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when being verbally attacked you say eat dirt to offend the other person. once you say those two magical words people will back down cause they know you mean business.
jessica: wow you're an idiot.
maggie: eat dirt!
by yung rel January 18, 2008
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What to say when someone is annoying the hell out of you. Said in a very calm, almost cheery voice.
Girl: Hey!

Guy: Eat dirt bitch...
by Sireane August 26, 2016
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A reverse psychology trick Edd used on Ed.
Edd: Listen carefully. Do not eat that dirt.

Ed: (looks at the pile of dirt and chuckles... then starts wolfing down the dirt).
by Master Tonberry March 5, 2005
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