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A city located in Western North Carolina that is a retirement community that boasts a surprisingly large number of teenagers. The town has four schools, each with their own stereotypes and particular habits. Main Street is the central source of excitement for the youth. The town, while smaller on the map, is a nice retreat from the hippie-intense and artistically vibrant city of Asheville, as the elderly make sure that nothing too extreme happens.

Times to visit include:

The changing of leaves, in the fall.
(See The Weather Channel for dates)

The Apple Festival
(Labor Day weekend. Then please leave as soon as possible.)
The Garden Jubilee
(Memorial Day weekend. Again, please leave as soon as festivities are over. We don't want you blocking traffic.)

The town also boasts an incredible Facebook pages of memes that highlight local events, shootings, and car damages from the local high school.
by cthulhu June 28, 2012
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City in Tennessee where many rich or semi rich people live. Taylor Swift used to live there. But who cares about her?
That girl who only wore designer clothes lives in Hendersonville.
by iloveyoumoreandmore July 12, 2008
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town about 20 miles south of Asheville, North Carolina. ok town with nothing to do in it. main street is the "hip" place. 4 high schools:
east: normal/rich kids
west: all rich snobby skaters
north: drug head mexicans
hendersonville: all black, ghetto

most of the town is white
decent place to live
called hendo
Guy 1- where do you live?
Girl 1- ashevillle
Guy 1- hahaha you must be a lesbian. all the gays live in Asheville. i live in hendo (hendersonville) where it kicks ASS!!
by hendoresidentnumber0001 March 29, 2007
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A city of lames where nobody does shit. There is nothing to do around here at all but smoke dope and get high. Alleged leader and ruler of Hendersonville is 2kYSL based on popular vote and demand for music
Yo u heard that Hendersonville shit? It’s fire as hell
by Mr. Powell May 04, 2018
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