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Where we are headed when we realize just how useless the state and capitalism are.
People object that murderers and thiefs will ruin anarchism, but I think those people get off on hurting others and would gladly support the state if it gave them a chance to hurt others, except that they'll die when they try to declare war on the anarchists and lose due to their stupidity.

Kûk‡xenisi n!ok‡x'osi xno-k‡xek‡emi.
The state only exists to serve itself.
by Eddy December 23, 2003
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Short for Hoplophobe, someone with an irrational fear of weapons.
Don't be such a hoplo, fear the person, not the weapon.

Hitlery and Osama Obama are hoplos.
by Eddy December 10, 2007
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an un-funny pun created by PlayStation 2 haters.
"I'd much rather have an X-Box over a GayCube or PlaySucktion2!" ~ fanboy
by Eddy October 18, 2003
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Like assoholic, someone who is obsessed with ass.
Don't let him get behind you, he's a bungaholic!
by Eddy April 15, 2007
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she works at the Akubecko (sp?) in the anime Rurouni Kenshin. She's cool.
Tae lets Sano keep adding stuff to his tab! O_O
by Eddy October 20, 2003
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What a gold digger looks for, a sugar daddy. The bigger the better and richer.

Slang for rich person supporting their object of affection.
Yah... I know I'm just a wallet for my gold digging whore, but she's damn good in bed so I'll keep her around for now.
by Eddy August 18, 2007
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The attempt to control social behavior.
The Canadian government wants to create a passified country through social engineering.
by Eddy April 7, 2005
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