PETA (pet euthanizing transgender anarchist) is a terrorist group of people that like animals, but have no knowledge about them. PETA tends to hate on humans for eating meat, and being normal humans, While they eat stake dinners and swear at the waiter for not being vegan. 100% of PETA members have autism, and cannot function as normal humans, so steal pets from people's porches or backyards to play with, and euthanize. PETA tends to hate on everyone that calls out their bullshit, and even harassed the currently dead, animal expert Steve Irwin on his birthday. This is one of many terrorist attacks PETA has released to the world. PETA claims to have over 6.5 million insane and retarded members.
If you wish to join the terrorists, here's the requirements:
1) must be an atheist.
2) must have a "let me talk to your manager" haircut.
3) must kick and punch puppies on the sidewalk.
4) every action must be hypocritical to your last sentence.
follow these steps to get a letter from PETA inviting you to join, and at least 50 restraining orders, and a notice that you are on a hit-list.
You're as fucking retarded as PETA.
by xrynightmare March 03, 2019
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A hypocritical organization that will never be successful in the Arctic regions, Siberia, New Zealand, the desert regions of Australia, Muslim-dominated countries, China, Scotland, Iceland, and the developing nations of Africa, Asia, Central America, or South America.

Also notice that the People of Ethical Treatment of Animals seem to favor the cute, cuddly-wuddly, furry animals. What about the insects and arachnids? What about the fish, mollusks, and crustaceans? What about the bacteria? What about the reptiles? What about humans? Don't they all have rights too? Would it be animal cruelty if one washes with antibacterial soap?

The PETA is also actively funding a dog-genocide campaign in which any canine suspected to belong to the Pittbull variety (a loveable, family-friendly, loyal dog that is safe with children IF TRAINED PROPERLY) is immediately taken from the owner and killed. Doesn't matter if the dog is half-Pittbull, 1/32 Pittbull, or looks like a Pittbull, the poor pooch will be marked for death.

Ethical Treatment my ass.
The campaigns of the PETA organization will fail miserably in the developing nations of Africa, Asia, and South America because the people there, who for centuries have traditionally used animals as a primary mode of transportation, source of food, and method for planting/ploughing/harvesting crops, cannot afford to let their livestock roam free.

For every time the PETA pisses off humanity, I celebrate by barbecuing a steak or ribs.
by sarcastic June 15, 2004
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The namePeter” in a British accent
Hellauu Peta, do you waunt a caup of teaaaaa?
by hamburger2020 December 01, 2020
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Possibly more annoying than a Jehovah's witness Door knocker.
PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
For house pets I understand but animals we use for food,
They bitch and whine that "Killing animals is wrong!" Yet humans need protien and some of the meat eaters don't like Soy meat.
Another example, If an animal rips into your house, most people would kill it, yet the PETAphiles would capture the animal and move him to a forest...Animals are not fucking retarded, they will follow the scent trail.

PETA meaning 2
People eating tasty animals, BBQ ribs sounds good right now.

PETA meaning 3
People eating tiny animals...
O_O I cannot say anything here.
*eats Chicken mcnuggets*
Jailer 1: What you in for?
Jailer 2: I killed a cow.
Jailer 1: damn thats heavy shit, the farmer must of..
Jailer 2: No no I killed it on Minecraft and the mother fucking PETA bitched at me.
Jailer 1: what the fuck?
Jailer 2: I know... ._.
Jailer 2: Soo, what you in for?
Jailer 1: ugh, ohh fuck......*im screwed*.
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A physchotic group of morons, whose goal is the total liberation of all animals. They try to achieve this goal by bullying and threatening people that eat meat or use animals for any purpose. They fail to realize that animals are superior to animals. Stay away from these nut jobs.
PETA- People for Extortion Terror and Abuse
by Matt0912 August 23, 2009
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People Eating Tasty Animals...because people are carnivores by nature and have an insatiable need for MEAT. If it's good enough for wolves, bears and sharks, there's no reason people shouldn't enjoy a tasty steak, chicken leg, or pork chop.

Remember, there's room for all of GOD's creatures...right next to the mashed potatos.
Come join our PETA party, we're having barbeque tonight.
by Mike In SATX September 26, 2010
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Acronym for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals," attempting to impose thier perverse "ethics" on the entire world. A menace to society. Stay far away at all times.
If you encounter a member of PETA, do not run. Nod your head and back away slowly.
by deleted_scenes July 30, 2003
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