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Wow, I can't believe I'm the only person to put this def.:
stands for Peanut butter and Jelly. It's a type of sandwich. And it's delicious. Not everything is about blow jobs, urbandictionary-ers.
Jane: "Hey, wanna get some PBJ?"
Bob: "OMG R U GONNA BLOW ME!!!!!!111!1
Jane: "No. The food...dammit, Bob."
by BAAAAHsheep April 02, 2010
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Public BlowJob

in woods or the back 9, wherever you want
as long as it's in public
Dude #1 "She gave me a pbj yesterday."
Dude #2 "Aw nyce! where?"
Dude #1 "Next to the CVS"
by Steezywhitekid August 02, 2011
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Pity Blow Job. A notch below a pity fuck, but one above PHJ. Its a blow job without much effort or passion from her end. It's sort of like a job she's waiting to be done with.
I didn't get any tail last night, but I did get a PBJ, and that'll suffice.
by dishwashington August 09, 2018
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Paper Bag Job: A girl with an atractive body, but a shamelessly poor face. to verify this predicament a paper bag is placed over the head. In previous experiments, paper causes less asphyxiation than standard carrier bags.
I would definitely PBJ her

His sister is a PBJ

6/10, Definitely a PBJ
by LowStandards22 January 27, 2011
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Not a Peanutbutter and Jelly sandwich. It stands for pantry, porch, or public blowjob.
Wife: The kids are watching TV in their room
Husband: how about a PBJ
by BigCedar January 09, 2013
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Period Blow Job

When it is that time of the month for your wife or girlfriend and you at least get a blow job.
Kirk: Totally sucked, went out of town for the weekend with my girlfriend and it was that time of the month, what a buzz kill.
Jason: Well, did you at least get a PBJ?
Kirk: Yea, of course. Guess that was better than nothing!
by HDChappy April 22, 2013
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When you pee in a girl's mouth instead of cumming while receiving a blow job.
"Hahaha, you should've seen the look on her face when i gave her a pbj"
by Gason & Gave January 14, 2008
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