Something that you pull over your head when trying to kill yourself.
Wal-Mart gives away plastic bags for free as part of their plot to have everyone kill themselves easier.
by Bloodbath 87 March 7, 2009
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Used to put over an ugly girls head.
Good for having sex because you dont have to see her face.
Usually works for girls with a dirty face and a nice body.
Rar blad, That girl is mong, Would you do her for a fiver?
Na man, Only if you give me a Plastic bag.
by Chrisdamainman September 6, 2005
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Elderly woman who has had too much cosmetic surgery.
Why does grandma need breast implants? She's already a plastic bag!
by desertfox07 December 15, 2014
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Sometimes when you're really desperate (and usually drunk), you wake up next to a really fat chick with a face like a mangy dog. Whether you brown bagged it or not, the rumor that you slept with her has the possibility of spreading the second she leave's your room. Keep a plastic bag in your night stand for these special occasions. Just whip out that bag before the beast wakes, throw it over her face, and put that fat tub of shit down for good. Proceed to get rid of the body, as it might be evidence that you porked the porker.
The boys at the Frat house can never find out that I slept with Tina the fat lard, I better Plastic Bag this fat bitch.
by Frankieo April 10, 2006
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When skinny person often by a russian floats in the wind when it is breezy in the motion of a plastic bag floating through the wind.
Mole: Hey look at that russian boy floating through the wind

Skelly: yeah he is such a plastic bag.
by Chatterchatter123 May 21, 2011
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Being "Plastic Bagged" is when you want to have sex, but cant find a condom.

To the extent that everything starts to look llike a condom alternative option, such as a plastic bag.
Basically like being cock blocked by the lack of protection.
Guy 1: Man, I was going to fuck Dana but I got plastic bagged
Guy 2: Thats why you always get condoms!
Guy 1: Yeah I know, she was pissed.
Guy 2: Dumbass.
by Pshawrawr May 3, 2011
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A term for a condom- refers to putting it over your head
Pickle- Hey my life sucks I have to live in a jar!

Dick- Oh yeah? They put a plastic bag on my head, put me in a cave, then hit my head against the wall until I throw up!
by Ilikedirt October 16, 2009
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