One who sells educational books door to door.
Someone who is richer and more confident than you are because they sold books for the summer instead of sitting on their ass.
I rock you because i saw 3 hot moms today!
Don't you ever die you good looking bookman!
by mort utley July 29, 2008
When an Author creates something where people say: "That doesn't make sense" but excuses it with: "It all makes sense when you consider it's acually a methaphor"
Masahiro Sakurai pulled a Bookman's Bluff when he created Kirby:

"Kirby doesn't make sense as a creature but he will make sense as a methaphor." Brian David Gilbert, 2020
by Sturmward July 29, 2021
A 33-year-old pedophile jerk who takes advantage of young boys. He has baby-killer eyes and unstable tendancies. But don't worry, he's a nice guy once you get to know him.
Neil Bookman likes 'em around 14 years old.
by Numbers March 13, 2007