When the number 69 and 420 appear at once
Juan : Hey, did you take my cards ? There are only 69 out of 420 left !!!
by Kayu Berkarat February 11, 2021
When the Japanese whiskey is too damn good, it's very nice.
PooDePa: *has a lil sip of da whiskey* "very nice"
by ma nama jefffffff September 4, 2017
something very nice
him: that is very nice
me: yes. it is very nice because it is not only nice, but also very
him: yes.
by wathurtbottle January 19, 2019
Noun. 1. Moderately good.
2. A quite kind person
3. An extremely fit bird
That suit is very nice

He is a very nice boy

by Alex L February 9, 2004
for people who are very nice cool
okay youre very nice cool
by thebibleofchrist March 8, 2019
A reference to the popular film 'Borat, in which he implies an average woman walking past is a prostitute. Used in jest amongst friends, or as flirtation.
Man walks in nightclub, sees attractive woman, wolf whistles and says (probably in same accent as Borat) "Very nice, how much?!"
by Jazzy Hyde October 9, 2008