To Poo and then use Glade air freshner
Did you go into that bathroom, somebody definately did some P and G!
by Hodiosho July 11, 2008
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"Pretty Asian Girl"
a soft sweet tight pink moist asian girl
usually associated with :
small eyes
tight pussy
pink pussy
sweet pussy
cute accent
high pitchy voice
high ptchy moans
moist pussy
"what would the world be without p-a-gs..."
by mofaux October 27, 2008
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An even shorter version of p legee/pretty legit
That vid of the kitty is p la g bruh

Beer always makes my girlfriend's boobs p la g

Keep it p la g
by le_chacal March 11, 2011
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procter and gamble

A mega-corporation that makes all sorts of household products that has been suspected of being tied to Satanism.

These suspisions and stories about the company have been deemed to be an urban legend and many websites debunk it as an urban legend claiming that these were rumors that circulated in the 80's that the CEO went on some talk show(shows ranging from Merv Griffin and Phil Donahue to Sally Jesse Raphael are often cited) and admitted he was a Satanist.

Well I happened to have seen a show on Procter and Gamble and it was infact Phil Donahue!

Now I don't recall exactly who or what happened but I do remember Procter and Gamble being talked about on an episode of Phil Donahue so if they deny that then they're lying because I saw it!

Phil Donahue denies ever doing a show which featured any Procter and Gamble CEO,but I wonder if he would deny ever having the Procter and Gamble "topic" discussed on his show because I "know" I saw an episode that discussed it.I just can't really remember anything beyond that though.They talked about the Satanism thing but I don't know if any CEO was there or if he admitted to being a Satanist.But I know Donahue did a show like this.I saw it! If he denies it then he's lying. Too much time hanging around that commie Posner I suppose!
Phil is a whacko so I wouldn't put lying past him.He is an ass!
by urban legend February 28, 2005
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To make an outrageous legal claim to take de jure ownership, trademark or copyright on something which is clearly not yours to possess.
Proctor & Gamble just tried to P&G “LOL” — WTF?
by Professor Arsegarp August 24, 2018
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The County in Maryland due west of our Nations Capitol. Prince George's County.
Will: yo man where we gunna get them heaters from?
john: dunn we gotta go to The P Dot G Dot!
by hrm smk April 7, 2008
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as in bleach abridged

Ichigo: P&G?
Kon: Porn and Goodies!!
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