adj. A male who overcompensates in an attempt to be cool. Most likely a fratboy or douchebag who has their collar popped. So named for their affinity to wear pink shirts out to social events.
That bar was whack, full of pink shirts spending dad's money.
by Waldo_ June 11, 2005
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A shirt worn by men who are aiming to "get some" because girls think it looks good. This is because pink shirts are completely feminine, therefore, homesexual. Pink shirts are supposedly manly or so the wearers say, but this is entirely false. In fact, the chances of a young male becoming gay after wearing a pink shirt significantly raise by 37.4%.
Look at that douchebag! He's wearing three pink shirts and all of their collars are popped.
by Chase September 5, 2005
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n. an article of clothing worn by young men and adolescents who are uncomfortable with their sexuality, but wear pink shirts to say they are.
"Wow. That's a large group of guys wearing pink shirts."
"Yes. They're likely on their way to bang each other because they're comfortable with their sexuality"
by Meezy December 30, 2005
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Once a sign of the bloods, invented by rapper Cam'Ron, who has no lyrical skill at all. Pink is turning into the "new black" for goths, and pink is also the new style for higher class people who wear it in collared shirts and ties.
Pink shirts are gaining popularity everywhere, But it is the dumbest style ever, including parachute pants.
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Similar to a pink sock. It is made when someone puts one hand in a girl's vagina, and the other in her anus. The person then grabs hold of the intestines, and gives a pink sock from the front and back. It can also be made when a girl is getting double penetrated. It is a pink shirt because there is more pink material than in just a pink sock.
Whoa d00d, i double-fisted that girl last night, and i gave her a pink shirt when i pulled my hands out too fast!
by kirbyyy February 20, 2008
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The shirt you wear when you can't think of anything else to wear. A fallback article of clothing.
It looks like Kel's going to have to pink shirt it, she couldn't find anything at the mall.
by Emmers July 7, 2005
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Shirts collectively worn by students in Nova Scotia who believe that bullying and violence will not be tolerated in their society and subsequently created an awareness around the world that simply; peace is achieveable through will, courage and love.
No more red shirts. Canada's youth will not support violence. Two grade twelve students show that peace is what all people want and pink shirts will prove they are right. Mr. Harper, Mr. Bush, Mr. Bin Laden, all who are wrong about war and violence, put on your Pink Shirts!
by im with you September 22, 2007
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