It means black or covered in pitch. Really, thats it. If you are a fan of a certain reality TV show in the good old US of A, you may think it is some cool insider term of the music biz that means something like "singing off key".

But not really. It is a made up word coined by a couple of doofuses that couldn't think of a more professional-sounding way to say, "You didn't sound particularly good to me when you sang that song."
Yo dog...blah blah blah...not my favorite song selection...blah blah blah...kinda pitchy, but it was a'right.
by Ken from Conn April 29, 2005
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Notes in a song that are sung slightly sharp or flat. Considered unappealing. A word that is heard most often on the talent show "American Idol".
Hey, dude, the way you sang that is alright but kinda' pitchy.
by Myron April 26, 2005
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A phrase that is used by youtuber Roomie Official and his fans. It's used to describe a song that is out of pitch.
Random person singing

Joel (Roomie Official): It'S a LiTtLe BiT pItChY
by LividCosmos October 7, 2020
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A "nice" way a saying you're a bad singer
Your voice it's a bit pitchy, dog"
by Mike808 February 15, 2014
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