32 definitions by hrm smk

Compact Disc Turntable made by Techinics for DJ'ing CD's
Yo I killed it last nite, flexin my skills on tha SL-DZ1200's
by hrm smk April 7, 2008
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my best estispeculation is that the book will be ready to publish next week
by hrm smk May 26, 2009
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Smoking a marijuna usually through a waterpipe.
James: hey man you want a bing jing?
Scott: only if its some dro.
by hrm smk April 6, 2008
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the female version of " get off my dick " . But since women don't have penis and guys don't have boobs.
demise: I met this guy last nite, girl he was fine!
guns: did u hook up?
demise: naw he was all over me I had to tell him to get off my bra strap, and stop riding
by hrm smk April 2, 2008
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A female that is not attractive. I watched an episode of leave it to beaver. This was the termanology use by ward to wally, when they were discussing a ugly chick wally had dated
well wally back in my time we called them a wet towel!
by hrm smk April 2, 2008
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When your Girlfriend is GGG Bi- is willing to partake in 2-way blow job w/ another girl.. Enducing a Deluxe blow job .\Or more particapating women.
bill: Where'd you and your girlfriend go last night?
stan: She took me to dinner, then she took me to a Rainbow Party . joe, I got the Ultimate Blow Job!
by hrm smk April 20, 2008
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Originated in Philadelphia circa 1998. When discussing events that are of intrest to both parties. The person that didn't know what was going down would say that's what's up.
usally rhetorical.
Frank:Yo! There's a big concert at the spectrum tonite?
Jonny: that's what's up!
by hrm smk April 2, 2008
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