a state of mind that denotes ghettoness with a certain aura of suburbia that is the epitomy of prince georges county...
Person A: "yo man, I cant believe that nigga rolled his ghetto ass 'lac to the community center."

Person B: "thas straight up P G, dawg, that nigga's straight outa prince georges."
by big_mo August 23, 2006
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the STD of Canada. located in British Columbia, it is common to refer to Prince George as the asshole of the province. pretty much just a giant ghetto.
If you want to go nowhere in life, just live in Prince George!
by donedeal. July 11, 2008
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Prince George is a mid-sized sprawling city in the central interior of British Columbia. The city is currently one of the most affordable places to live in Canada and has one of the best, and fastest growing economies in Canada as well. Known for it violent past, the city is has rebuilt and cracked down on crime since 2008 and is now a beautifu place to be and no longer carries the heavy reputation along with it. Having one of the newest and best Universities in North America-UNBC, along with a concert stadium, a racetrack, orchestra, art galleries, a winery and the famous "Cariboo" brewery, dozens of in-city parks, 1,600 lakes within a one hour drive, the world famous Rocky Mountains sitting only a few dozen Kilometres away, and strong Northern Lights appearing more than once a week; Prince George is a popular tourist destination among foreigners exploring British Columbia and is currently growing at an expanding rate due to the beauty and economy the city has to offer.
Person1: Wow, you moved all the way up to Prince George? Isn't it freezing in the North?

Person2: I've only gotten frostbites a few dozen times so it's not all that bad.

Person1: Isn't Prince George dangerous?

Person2: Only if you take a trip to the hood or go walking alone downtown at night
by Somerandominternetguy228 September 19, 2017
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Prince George British Columbia is also known as the gateway to the north. Three highways meet in Prince George. Highway 16, also known as the highway of tears runs east and west through the city. The cariboo highway terminates here, and the highway north to Dawson Creek and Fort St. John begins. PG is where the University of Northern British Columbia, UNBC is located. Prince George is the biggest city in the northern half of British Columbia. Prince George is at the heart of the Pine Beetle Epidemic, hence it is surrounded by miles of red coloured dead pines.
Prince George is a sprawling interior town in the middle of a dead forest.
by moonbug November 13, 2006
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Prince George is a community located close to the geographic center of British Columbia and is the largest city in northern BC. Known for the forestry industry, Prince George is also a transportation hub as it is located at the confluence of the Fraser and Nechako rivers, and the intersection of Highway 97 (heading north to the Yukon) and Highway 16 (heading northwest to the north coast and Prince Rupert). Prince George is a community ideally suited for people who love the great outdoors - surrounded by forests, rivers, lakes and mountains, people who enjoy sledding, snowshoeing, camping, fishing, hunting, swimming, and hiking love living in Prince George. It is also known for being a warm and welcoming community - a facebook page, Hell Yeah PG! was created by residents to share the stories of locals who have assisted others in a time of need. Probably the place you're most likely to have your Timmies paid for by the car ahead of you.
I was visiting Prince George, stopped at Tim Hortons only to be told that the person in front of me had paid for my coffee! Hell Yeah PG!
by northernwoman December 9, 2015
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The classiest sweatpants you own (usually with "JUICY" or "DIVA" written on the ass), usually green, along with a fine belly top or ratty old sweatshirt.
I'm headin down to DUB mart, better put on my Prince George Tuxedo
by The REAL Zombie Jesus March 22, 2010
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Suburbs of the Washington DC area, PG county is a disgrace because it is right next to one of the most prestigious, richest Countys in the United States which is Montgomery County home to rich suburbs like Bethesda, Potomac, Olney, and a portion of Silver Spring. PG represent the opposite of these cities their counter parts are Langley Park, Takoma Park, Largo, Hyattsville and a small portion of Bowie. PG county in the first week of 2011 had 15 murders it is home to an immense Hispanic and Black community but fortunately the Black community of PG is relatively not as bad as the other black communities in Compton or Harlem, the Hispanic population in PG is even worst than the community of Los Angeles and Houston, gangs like MS-13 stick fear into the people of Langley Park. But PG county is actually considered the one of the least ghetto suburbs but I still would not live their.
Carly: Shawn the kids want taco bell for dinner.
Shawn: O come on do I really have to go all the way to Prince George County to get some tacos?
Carly: Yes because their are no Taco bells in Montgomery County due to the low Hispanic population and their are many in Prince George County due to large hispanic population.
Shawn: Doesn't that seem a little border line racist?
Carly: Yeah but Taco Bell just wants to make money.
by MerkyMerkina September 16, 2011
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