Having a desire for two opposite things.

"Sally wants to get married and have kids more than anything, but her biggest fear is commitment."

"Yeah, I know...she's so Oxymoronic!"
by clovercd April 26, 2009
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1) You're a non-conformist who hates anything out of the ordinary, you're so oxymoronic.
2) You're a woman, you're so oxymoronic.
by huatfibat March 6, 2012
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An Oxymoron is two words, or a compound word, with contradictory definitions. The most commonly-used example of an oxymoron is 'jumbo shrimp,' as a shrimp is small by definition and therefore cannot be jumbo.
More oxymorons:
Government ethics
Friendly fire
Pretty ugly
United Nations
Urban Dictionary
Holy war
by Corn Goblin June 6, 2017
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Two words that conflict with each other. Two words which do not agree with each other.
Examples of an oxymoron:

Microsoft Works
United Nations
Political Correctness
Linux Complete
Music Television (MTV)
Living Dead
Artificial Reality
Rap Music
by Matthew Price March 1, 2003
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Two words or phrases with extreme opposite meanings.

McDonald's Big N' Tasty
Microsoft Works
Rap Music
Jumbo Shrimp
Plastic Glasses
Peace Force
Good Grief
Personal Computer
Random Order

More Oxymorons at www.oxymoronlist.com
by Keegster June 12, 2003
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