A tenacious and vindictive machine, whose primary function in the domestic sphere at the conclusion of the 20th century was electronic solitaire, yet within one year of the 21st century literally held every aspect of human life in its hands.
by nethcev! September 8, 2006
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Personal Computer Stress Disorder comes from dealing with the chaotic world of Windows. Viruses, crashing software, blue screen of death, three finger salute, are all sources of this stress.
My psychiatrist diagnosed me with PCSD - Personal Computer Stress Disorder and prescribed the replacement of all of my PCs with Macs.
by nygeek September 19, 2013
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Someone who uses a/their computer typically for accessing the internet esp. social media, video chat, typing up documents, and stuff that has to do with work (if the person is a student or a businessman), and just surfing the net in general. In other words, the complete opposite of a HPCU Hardcore Personal Computer User
"Hey man! You want to play minecraft?"

"Um..., what's minecraft?"


"I know I'm highly likely to be coming off as lame, but I really don't use my computer for gaming...that shit's boring! What can I say...I'm a CPCU (Casual Personal Computer User).
by Strategist of the 5 Kingdoms November 21, 2012
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