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Cultured man: "Yo did you watch the new episode of overflow last night?"
Faggot weeblet: "Isn't that hentai? Gross"
Cultured man: "Shut up, porch monkey, before I sell you on the dark web
by BidenCum42069 March 11, 2021
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An awesome Christian rock band, similar in some styilistic ways to switchfoot. Originally from South Carolina, they dropped out of Winthrop University to make music (the drummer had an abysmal .69 GPA).
Overflow played at the Baptist Collegiete Ministries coffeehouse on Main Street Rock Hill, just down the road from Winthrop, last week...THEY ROCKED!!!
by Ryan December 20, 2004
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One of the best youth groups you can be in. Everyone in it is awesome with the best teachers and pastor. One day without them, you will miss them to death. God loving beautiful people that will always be there for one another.
That group's such an Overflow.
by 12345love August 15, 2011
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That huge chunk of fatty chub that just can't be squeezed into a tube top. white trash, tube top, fat chick, tub of lard
Look at the overflow on that cow. Who the hell let her leave the house looking like that!
by goldtoofblingbling November 7, 2004
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A reference to a fat person, bordering obesity. The reference is used when speaking about someone who does not fit into an assigned seat, such as on a subway, train, car, or on an airplane, with their fat hanging out.
Damn, this guy next to me is an overflow and his fat is resting on the armrest.
by skinny boy raf March 20, 2009
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hair, usually a teenage boy’s, that is overly long, resulting in an unkempt, unattractive appearance.

the addition of "over" to "flow," which means flowing, long hair, in the style of athletes (especially ice hockey and lacrosse). raises flow to an undesirable level, denoting a hairstyle that has little aesthetic or bro-related merit.

sported by young men who believe themselves to be bros.
chadley: bro, you should chop that overflow. unless you wanna grow a mullet. that’d be tight.
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A short-tempered female who always seems to be angry. See PMS.
Damn, Alyssa ALWAYS is in overflow mode.
by David May 28, 2003
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