Word used for when someone is out of line or acting up
Person: Dude that Danielle girl from Dr. Phil is just outta pocket,
You: That's what I'm sayin
by Keyiada February 18, 2017
When somebody says something that was too messed up to be said in a conversation
by The Real Christian E. May 24, 2022
another word for saying someone crossed a line or to say when someone said something out of nowhere
Commenter: Pov sia trapped in beyonce's basement
by a glass of water May 31, 2021
to do somthing outta pocket mean that u did something hella fucked up or stupid
gerl i saw u wit ma nigga last night BITCH THAT WAS HELLA OUTTA POCKET
by SHIZZLE February 12, 2005
PIMP slang for when a hoe starts actin up.
Yo man your hoe is straight outta pocket

Bitch you outta pocket shut the fuck up.

by Wishful Thinking November 11, 2005
When a person or persons acts like an idiot or doesn't follow the rules per say.
"Why's she acting like that!? Bitch is Outta Pocket!!"
by Ksmoothy September 11, 2019
when you do sometin outta pocket it means you did something hella fucked up or stupid
gerl i saw u i wit ma man last night,THATS HELLA OUTTA POCKET BITCH!!
by SHIZZLE February 12, 2005