5 definitions by Keyiada

Word used to describe something ghetto or savage
Mrs. Rebecca was trifilent to let Jasmine get expelled for no reason.
by Keyiada February 18, 2017
Term used to describe the phrase said by Danielle Bregoli after going to the Dr. Phil show, intending to fight with someone
Enemy: Come on, you ain't gonna fight!
by Keyiada February 18, 2017
Person: "That's why I have a higher GPA"
Person: "Stupid bitch"
by Keyiada February 11, 2017
Word used for when someone is out of line or acting up
Person: Dude that Danielle girl from Dr. Phil is just outta pocket,
You: That's what I'm sayin
by Keyiada February 18, 2017
A sound that people say when something is trifilent or just downright stupid
Person: You know who have those 12 pages to do for homework right?
You: But eh eh, I ain't doing it.
by Keyiada February 18, 2017