ma nigga:
its a name you give someone that your homies with
also you use it when your proud, or happy about something

Its like saying my man, but more gangster and cool,

Another definition; saying "ma nigga" is like saying yee motherfucka, your the man/bawss
nick"yo did you get that blondes number"
myles"nah but i banged that other chick i told you about"
nick"ma nigga"
pronounced like *mahh niggaa*
by nicky boy yee November 15, 2010
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words used by black people to symbol their friends
ma nigga over there is gay
by Wasabi_i May 8, 2019
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A best friend that is usually black but white people shouldn't say it "ma nigga"
Aye ma nigga, hows shit?
by kjdapimp September 4, 2015
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('mah' 'neegah') Slang salutation deriving from 'my negro' which has been bastardized into this current form. Generally used among friends although mispronunciation of the final syllable can result in immediate assault. White people should use with caution.
N1: 'whassup ma-nigga'?
N2: 'nothin'
N1: 'FO SHO'
W1: 'what are the happenings, my negro'?
N1: 'wtf did yo say bich?! Imma finna cap yo ass!'
W1: 'oh sorry, I meant 'ma-niggAHHH.'
by Tomas Pain December 31, 2011
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n. A free-thinking, open-minded individual willing to cross the line of common tact in order to entertain or personally benifit others.
"work sure would be boring without ma nigga steve around."
by Hollywood February 1, 2005
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What niggers say when they look at the night sky and see the red dot that is the planet Mars.
by Tom Bradley May 28, 2008
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