Similar to a Groove The place in a piece of music where the beat sits to create groove. Without a pocket, there is no groove.
Wow, that drummer plays a big pocket

Don't break the pocket!
by Funkydrummah July 29, 2010
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In American football, the pocket refers to the horse-shoe shaped area formed by offensive lineman to protect the quarterback during a passing play. If the lineman do their job, the pocket will protect the QB long enough for him to find an open receiver and throw. If a defensive player penetrates the pocket too quickly, the QB will likely get sacked.
by cajunchick February 28, 2010
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A term used to reference shoplifting without sounding super suspicious.
Guy 1: Where did you get that expensive bottle of Patron?
Guy 2: I pocketed it from the liquor store.

Guy 1: I really want that chocolate bar but i'm broke.
Guy 2: Just pocket it, it's only 85 cents.
by illuminati666satan3edgy5u June 13, 2016
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A pocket is a lil homie that'll do stuff for money or clout, usually younger but anyone can be a pocket

Person 1: Yo why does Dak do so much shit for you
Person 2: That dude is my pocket
by BashBarti April 4, 2020
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Used in reference to a female that is only used for putting things in.

i.e. a penis
Don’t worry about Alexis, she’s just a pocket.
by Lemmeatem April 5, 2019
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1. Term meaning ones last statement was idiotic
2. Something not approved by B.Dailey
College is cheap. Pocket!
Everybody gets scholarships. Pocket!
by B.Dailey December 4, 2006
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