A word popularized by celebrity Keith Powers, meaning extremely sexual and stupid, or when someone acts dumb/extra.
Crazy Fan: Keith, cum in my eye so I can watch your kids!
Keith Powers: I've never heard that before! Outta pocket!
by heheheheheheh4545 May 9, 2017
Phrase used for when someone is acting out of line.
Friend: Yo, I saw your girl kissing another dude.

You: Man, that hoe actin outta pocket again!
by El Bori November 9, 2017
Commonly used in Tik Tok comments when someone says some original joke or line that nobody else in the comments used.
"@nmillz1 pack it up Jack Frost 🙄"

by Da Tré October 11, 2020
"All my homies be actin outta pocket...."
by Ace Define November 27, 2017
Term used by another man in the room to cause a disturbance and distraction during the killing of Malcom X in New York.
Get your hand outta my pocket! was the term used during the killing of Malcom X
by Loudcloud June 10, 2006
what was yelled before Malcolm X was shot while delivering a speech on February 21.
Get your hand outta my pocket! Don't be messin' with my pockets
by humaiira November 8, 2005
Hey how are you? I had sex with your mother-in-law today. Thats pretty oop outta pocket.
by ShimonSmith February 5, 2010