Used to describe someone whose either out of line or did/say something that was disrespectful
“Hey man did you hear about the dude that exposed half the girls from school?”
“ He’s really outta pocket for that but he’s gonna get what’s coming to him real soon”
by Vonny Darko January 17, 2021
When some beautiful line of words is said unexpectedly with much flow in everyday conversation.
D.W, it’s only children not lonely children. A lonely child is what you’re gonna be when I sell you”. What Arthur said was outta pocket.
by Kirgo December 3, 2022
A term used to describe foul or abhorrent statements.
Cletus: I fucking hate niggers!!
Jeb: Now Cletus, that was outta pocket!
by Blegh the big Dicker October 10, 2022
When someone goes through a situation that was crazy or wild.
Person #1: "I had to tell an old man to put his clothes back on in Walmart today, and we got in a knife fight in the toy aisle."
Person #2: "Yikes, that sounds like an outta pocket experience."
by ToastBoy42 February 3, 2021