Orlando is a very sweet and handsome boy who treats his s/o like they're everything to them. Very shy at first but if he's comfortable with you he will joke with you and play with you. He's weird in a good way and is a very true and genuine person. Hes very hot but doesn't know that himself. He won't lie to you he will make sure you know he loves you. if you find an orlando never let go because he's very rare and will treat you like his world.
Me and orlando went out today

Orlando is so cute and sweet
by bagel goldfish :) March 25, 2022
Orlando is a kind person,loves children,and will do anything for who they love.Orlando loves family
Orlando is a guy or a city
by Reese’s puff July 10, 2018
Eats ass and pussy also his dick is 93 feet long.
Orlando means he is a ass eating pussy eating big dick motherfucker.
by Orlando LOl May 21, 2019
An ice cream sandwich made with Oreo ice cream (OR) & (AND) chocolate chip cookie dough (DO) sandwiched between two apple danishes.
I bet Buzz he couldn't finish the Orlando in one bite - he got a headache and my $20!
by Ziggy BlacknWhite June 26, 2015
A city where people:
*Can't drive
*Are more often than not, a tourist
*Actually have to leave the clubs by 2:30
*Drive BMW's, but have foodstamps, WIC, 4-C, etc

Also, a city with never-ending construction which causes crazy back-ups on I-4
Orlando is HELL with a bungee cord.
by This.Girlie April 19, 2011
Super badass kid with a big dick and also gets all the lady's as well as great as everything in life
He's such an Orlando
by Dude47284773 March 15, 2017
Most intelligent , masculant, and handsome of the male species. A dashing ladies man with a rugged virile allure that leaves women soaking in their seats.
The penis of Orlando is sweet and savory like sauce drenched barbecued ribs.
by Bethaney22 December 20, 2016