A city where people:
*Can't drive
*Are more often than not, a tourist
*Actually have to leave the clubs by 2:30
*Drive BMW's, but have foodstamps, WIC, 4-C, etc

Also, a city with never-ending construction which causes crazy back-ups on I-4
Orlando is HELL with a bungee cord.
by This.Girlie April 19, 2011
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Eats ass and pussy also his dick is 93 feet long.
Orlando means he is a ass eating pussy eating big dick motherfucker.
by Orlando LOl May 20, 2019
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An ice cream sandwich made with Oreo ice cream (OR) & (AND) chocolate chip cookie dough (DO) sandwiched between two apple danishes.
I bet Buzz he couldn't finish the Orlando in one bite - he got a headache and my $20!
by Ziggy BlacknWhite June 25, 2015
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Most intelligent , masculant, and handsome of the male species. A dashing ladies man with a rugged virile allure that leaves women soaking in their seats.
The penis of Orlando is sweet and savory like sauce drenched barbecued ribs.
by Bethaney22 December 20, 2016
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the largest amount of annoying tourism in Florida.

it's actually a cool city with a whole bunch of exciting things to do, but the traffic is horrendous and whenever you mention Orlando all people think about is amusement parks.
FL native: heyy, you wanna go over to Orlando for a couple days?
Northerner: ooh, can we go to Disneyworld!?
FL native: ...stupid tourist, I'm going downtown!
by SarahSANITY June 17, 2007
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A city that was destined to be one of the fastest economically growing cities until Governor Rick Scott turned down the idea for a high speed rail to concentrate on more important matters like screwing teachers and working people out of jobs and retirement.
-Hey did you hear about Orlando getting a high speed rail?

-Yea, but that Tea Bagger governor turned down a proposal that would pay for 90% of the project and generate jobs.
by gfountain1 April 01, 2011
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