The biggest effing parking lot in Orlando, Florida.
I'm stuck on I-4, so you mofo's move already!!!
by Lindsay February 19, 2004
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The act of sticking your dick in a girls LEFT ear, then having your dick take a LEFT TURN to come out of her mouth.

Very hard to preform.
My girlfriend and I took a left turn on I-4 yesterday
by HeadShot223 June 14, 2010
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my dad left when i was 4 because i shit on his phone as a baby (4 yrs old).
i was thinking about how my dad left when i was 4 a couple of days ago.
by NigChikn November 29, 2021
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New slang for being a cheating loser on xbox live as evidenced by this youtube video.
Dude, stop fucking cheating you piece of shit I IN 4 s t Y I homo.
by SinisterGodSend December 25, 2008
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Like running away etc .. you do the same and yep that’s cause we are rather samey… or so I believe but time will tell if we ever get to find out. Also I am a bit old school and that should also help fill in the blanks about why I find the entire situation hard to handle at times … you know what I mean and have the same ideals as I do … I didn’t show it majority of the time, well aware of that but my only excuse is … been struggling to deal with it

You said yourself neither of us asked for it … and the circumstances are particularly cruel especially your end. just a conversation on neutral ground would suffice .. essentially just to know if I need to force myself into forgetting you ….

I can do but need you to look into my eyes and tell me that…. Lol or whatever you need to, cause I’m actually that approachable, practical and trustworthy …

Despite appearances.. <3

Oh and I have always reserved the thought that it’s possible it was all fun and games to you but again counter that with your dedication …

Even the way you managed to get me here …. Mightily fucking impressive … even all that is a convo … we have a lifetimes worth of catch up… maybes
When I met you (4)…. Dare us :S
by LetsTalkAboutX July 15, 2022
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Meaning I want to fuck you. A way to express one's desire for fucking another.Say it out loudly and proudly .
Cibi :ok honey, i've gotta go

Yu Chen :Wait, i 1 2 4 q !!!

Cibi :...what does that mean?...

Yu Chen : it means i want to fuck you <3.

Cibi : Come to my place now !!!
by zingeraddict December 4, 2011
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a term oftentimes used as a replacement for "i want to fork you"
Text message from Billy:i 1 2 4 q

Jesus: "Fuck you billy ill turn you into a frog"
by Hairytaint May 7, 2010
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