Person from the North of England, unlike their Southern counterparts, Northerners live very harsh lives. Someone who is NOT from London. Sometimes refered to as a "Northern Monkey" (a Southern insult) Northerners also do not like forgien (mainly American) tourists going to just London for a holiday.
American Tourist: Are you from London?
Me: No, I'm a Northerner, we're not all from London, you stupid Yank!
by Metal Master September 26, 2005
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Northerners are often depicted as being scruffy, dirty, rude, obnoxious folk. Unfortunatly, this is the way they are viewed and portrayed but it couldn't be further from the truth. It is assumed that, because of the northern accent, northeners are stupid and uneducated. This is yet again untrue, it is just an accent. A way of speaking. Would you call a texan an idiot for speaking in the way they do? of course not. Would you call a londoner an idiot for speaking the way they do? of course not. That is exactly the same. People say northeners should get a full grasp on the english language but the truth is that they do have a ful grasp on the english language, they just pronounce words differently.

Northeners are very down to earth people, they try hard and alway give a good days work. Coming from one of the poorest parts of England does not stop them from being lovely and considerate.
Most often than not it is southeners that insult northeners. This is due to the North South Divide. To be fair Northeners have a porr view on southeners. It is all fair.
by Twomanywheels October 22, 2013
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A superior breed of American when compared to the neighboring southerner. Southerners' main beef with northerners is that northerners "think they're better than southerners". It's not that we think this, we know it. Education throughout northern states has been proven time and time again to be superior to that of the south, and the north doesn't have a rich history laden with racism and hate. Also, while many northerners are cultured and intellectual, southerners tend to ruin the international perspective of Americans, and thus many countries think of us as violent, racist, fat, and stupid.
Northerner: Evening, sir. Fine day we're having, is it not?

Southerner: Yep yep. Great dey fer huuntin faggots.
by cryokin May 7, 2008
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An unintelligent individual who is usually spotted wearing Adidas and Le Coq Sportif tracksuits in an order to be perceived as "Trendy". Often found rifling through bins for food, they are the lowest form of scum, after Australians.

Communicate using animal like slang and resort to violence for any possible reason. This is often started by the large swarms of Chavs or Townies hanging under every shop doorway. Favor shops like Tesco and the local corner shops where they are seen illegally buying Cigarettes and cheap Booze.

Always carry drugs on their person as they are able to be bought at every turn.

Northern England, Why live any where else?

I'm a northerner. Don't rage.
"Wanna go up to northern England for the weekend?"
"I'd rather lick my own Arse hole"

"Ayup Youth, wanna come down t' pub to get pissed we me? Got 10 quid but it'll be right innit.

I'm a northerner.
by Northern English twat. December 17, 2010
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Any idiot residing above the Mason-Dixon Line that assumes Southerners are racist. Likes unsweetened tea and uses the word COUGHFEE.
Hey you African-American haters, why don't you go drink some sweet tea and brew some COUGHFEE. Ha, us Northerners are soo superior.
by Kieron J June 23, 2006
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Northerners are unfortunate folk. Poorly educated with a chip on their shoulder so large they often walk with a slight list. They enjoy weekly pilgrimages to the holy place they call 'Netto' the only known place whereby the carrier bags cost more than the products. Whilst there, they will demonstrate their budgeting skills, often having to choose between powdered milk for one of their many offspring or cigarettes. You can identify a northerner by their apparel, firmly stuck in the 80's shell suits remain in fashion and fake tan sells so quickly the select few who completed their education, cannot replenish the shelves fast enough, it has been said that some northern girls have taken to using creosote.

In conclusion, northerners should be kept in caged enclosures, and remain incarcerated until they fully grasp the English language.
Dave: Hey mate, I've just moved from Leeds, looking for some work in the capital.

James: You're a Northerner?

Dave: Erm... yes... *sighs*
James: You know where the door is.
by MissQue January 16, 2011
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a word used to discribe someone who originates from "up north" of england.

renowned for liking bitter, roast dinners, darts & for talking in such a way nobody from the south can understand!

famous northerners include Fred Dibnah & Peter Kay.
typical northern converstations;

Andy: ay up lad, fancy a flyer?

Adam: oh aye!


Adam: pass us graavy please

Jasmine: don't you mean... please may you pass me THE gravy!
by Jasmine1990 February 6, 2010
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