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The word "order" spoken in certain types of Scottish Accents.

Used by former speaker of the house of commons in the UK, Michael Martin to bring order among arguing or squabbling MP's "Orda Orda!"
David Cameron: "The Prime Minister is useless!"

House of Commons Erupts with "hear hear!" and Laughter

Michael Martin: "Orda, Orda! Allow the pri'minniestur t'answah." (Order, Order, Allow the Prime Minister to answer).
by Whu Flung Dung December 27, 2009
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A bottle or puddle of 12 year old diarhea.
Usually found in puddle form. Also usually found with a dead squirrel laying in it. Most diarhea dosen't make it to the orda stage. If it becomes a brown stain then it is called Ordo.
Dude, your breath stinks.......what do you brush your teeth with orda or something?
by TerminusX July 04, 2004
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