"playing roblox" is just another term for fucking
im playing roblox rn with my gf
by shumnu June 5, 2021
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The best feeling in the word especially when you win murder mystery
go away mom I'm playing roblox
by Iam_notanooberton November 13, 2018
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A slang term for masterbating with the company of 1-8 males to rough chimpanzee gang bang porn, usually one of the eight males will go around but fucking the other males, this is term used by males who are fond of roblox
Joe: hey man wanna play roblox
Dave: sure but I have to wait untill my parents go to bed
by Jack, Mehoff June 29, 2021
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meg facetiming her friends just to be declined because no one wants to play with her because she streams veggie burger fart
meg: let’s play roblox
friend: no u veggie freak
by gameninja2000 January 13, 2019
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This is the single best pickup line. Girls at bars are all about roblox. Say this and you are garenteed to get laid.
Guy: Do you play roblox
Girl: Wanna have sex
by SwagggeMan December 29, 2018
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hotties. Very swaggy too😎
person 1:dude, why is that girl so swaggy??

person 2:Bc she is a girl who plays roblox, duh.
by JJsWife August 14, 2021
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Youtuber italiano / Italian Youtuber

CANALE / CHANNEL: youtube.com/c/JonhPlaysRoblox
Oggi ho guardato Jonh Plays Roblox
Today i watched Jonh Plays Roblox
by JonhPlays May 1, 2022
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