When a mature man pulls his testies and penis back through his legs to his anus and bends over to show what looks like a dead squirrell
hey susy..Have you ever seen a dead squirrell
by jgiddy99 December 4, 2004
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dead squir.rel (ded skwur'el) n., pl -rels
the remains of a used tampon/sanitary napkin left on the floor after your canine companion has mascerated it
Dude 1 - "Whoa dude, what's that on the floor? It looks like something dead."
Dude 2 - "Cheese and rice...that dog is always chewing on dead squirrels."
by lil' Miss Sunshine August 15, 2008
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when you hang the male testicles over the forehead not touching the forehead like a teabag
Dude 1: Man you got teabagged
Dude 2: No man it was only a dead squirrel
by sam January 6, 2003
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When a woman has her legs bent and in the air missionary style but lays there dead as in a squirrel that was hit by a car.
Man1: was she a good lay bro?
Man2: nah bro. She just laid there in the dead squirrel
by Dirty Chaos June 14, 2017
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A dance move created by a man who lived in NJ during the Spring of 2003, who is A.k.a.: Shockerman.
Bill did the dead squirrel at the bar last night.
by Neil Page November 25, 2007
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