This means that a girl is so fat that she is declared to be "On The Map."
That girl's a** is a big as China!? That b**** is On The Map!
Yo She on the map
by Beyf September 11, 2007
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MAP stands for Masquerading Asshole Pedophile. It’s a new term pedophiles came up with to protect pedophiles from being identified as pedophiles. They claim it stands for Minor Attracted Person, but really it’s a sham of language. They use the word “minor” because it can evoke the image of a 17 year old when really they are talking about 4 year olds. They use the word “attracted” because it implies they might not act on it, but then they believe children can give consent (which would mean acting on it wouldn’t be immoral and thus they definitely WOULD act on it). Lastly, the biggest deception is using the word Person when they’re not really people, they’re pedophiles. It’s also not a coincidence it spells out MAP which is an innocuous, useful every day item when they are in fact the opposite of all those things (dangerous, useless, and a tiny disgusting subset of the population). It is a prime example of conflation, obfuscation, and Orwellian language .
Let’s round up all the MAPs and beat them in the genitals with rusty hammers.
by GaryEffingOak August 16, 2020
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1) A piece of paper which has directions to your destination

2) Minor Attracted People/Person. A pedophile.
Eg 1) I have a map of Tokyo, so now I can navigate myself in Japan!

Eg) We need to get all MAPs off tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. They’re not LGBTQ+, they’re sick.
by a fallen star xxx June 26, 2020
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A Minor Attracted Person (MAP) is another word for "asshole", "scumbag", or "pedophile".

the word "MAP" was created by child molesters to disassociate themselves from the word "pedophile" because pedophiles are usually considered the lowest scum on earth in most parts of the world.

You will usually see these degenerate pieces of human trash on social media such as Facebook or Twitter promoting sexual contact with minors A.K.A. "MAP Positivity".

Fun fact: anyone who identifies as a "MAP" on social media have a 100% chance of being registered to a FBI child predator watchlist and is being monitored.
Pedophile: "MAP Positivity! Remember that MAPs are human beings too!"
Parents: "Remember that the 6 year old that you molested 10 years ago is now in a mental hospital scarred for life!"
by Squag tentacles September 14, 2020
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"Minor attracted person" AKA a paedophile.

This is their try to paint themselves as something less dangerous, which is absolutely sickening and it shouldn't be supported in any way.
Normal dude: Oh you're not a pedo you're a MAP?

Sick freak: yes

Normal dude: yeah they're gonna need a map to find you soon, you piece of shit
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M - Multi
A - Animator
P - Project

An animation project made by multiple animators. A song cutted in parts, taken by other animators and animated.
Person 1: I made a MAP! Please join!
Person 2: Could I have part 6?
by TinyJelena August 06, 2015
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