otherwise known as MAP, it's a seemingly less worse way to say a disgusting fucking pedophile
person on twitter: im a minor attracted person, not a pedo
other person on twitter: no you stupid fucking bitch your a 40 year old pedophile who wants to date children. go get a fucking life you piece of fuck i hate all pedophiles
by the_fucking_legend. January 5, 2021
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Otherwise known as a pedophile, but a nicer way of saying it, it's been made so clean of any filth actually associated with the term that a good handful of Tumblr users are actually not disgusted by them, just because the term sounds so much nicer like this.
"New headcanon: D.Va, Lucio, and McCree are all MAPs." MAP being short for Minor Attracted Person.
by Your friendly old Spetznaz vet October 27, 2017
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Also known as MAP, it is slang for disgusting pedophile: A pedophile so desperate to get into the LGBT that they turn their pedophilia into a sexuality
It is seemingly a less terrible way to say "pedophile"
Similar to dreamsexuals, MAPs are everywhere on the Twitter and Gacha community
Person 1: I'm coming out as a Minor Attracted Person!
Person 2: No you're not, shut up you disgusting pedophile.
by iCruncher February 21, 2022
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There is a lot of stigma about the term

"minor attracted person"
whether you want to label them a pedophile or not is up to you
but when a map comes to mind
i picture a mentally inert person with a disability and no voice in which to defend their opinions
not all "minor attracted people'S" act on their condition

many are people who have been sexually abused as children and have subconscious thoughts regarding repressed memories

in a way they are the silent majority in the lgbtq+

no one wants to associate them

but they exist and they deserve our sympathy
not all ideas lead to terrible actions
it takes therapy and lots of trauma awareness to break a mental illness
you are not alone
it takes years of practice but you indeed can break these chains
mental illness is not definitive

and there are always people you can turn to

marry Christmas
"OMG IS SHE A Minor Attracted Person SYMPHASIZER"
by distrosissy December 26, 2022
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A nice way of telling everyone and the cops included, to strap you onto a crucifix, burn you alive, send your corpse to the landfill.
Timmy-"Guys i'm coming out as a Minor Attracted Person (MAP)!"

Timmy was publicly executed moments later.
by somerandomnameiguess November 21, 2022
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Minor Attracted persons or, MAPs is an umbrella term that includes all minor attracted persons instead of just pedophiles, the full list is, infantophile (someone who is attracted to infants under 5yo), pedophile (someone who is attracted to prepubescent children), hebephile (someone who is attracted to pubescent children), ephebophile (someone who is attracted to post-pubescent children). After that they can be broken down into 2 categories, the first and much better is NOMAP or anti-c's who are against sexual or romantic interaction with children, then the pro-c's these are the rapists.
"I think that David is a MAP" MAP is an acronym for Minor Attracted Person/Persons
by Maybe Communism nah Capitalism January 19, 2018
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Person A: "My friends Harvey and Bill are MAP (minor attracted person), but I accept everyone for who they are."

Person B: "MAP? Do you mean they are a couple of Pederasses? They are sickos that want to have sex with children?"

Person A:"Yeah but I don't judge people because I too am a nutbag -- I vote Democrat."

Person B: "I want off this planet..."
by Pokipann July 12, 2018
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