A system of government ran by ellected officials. Not a rare system of government at all. Republic by definition does not imply a concern for human rights or an inclusive democratic system. It just means that a governing body (aristocracy, military, general population, etc) ellected a head of state. Republics are by no means rare and are not necsessarily short lived. In fact, of the almost 200 currently existing soverign states in the world currently, roughly half of them are republics. And the republic of San Marino has had a life span of roughly 1700 years.
by gayreginageorge July 24, 2013
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1. A system of government involving the election of representatives and no hereditary offices.
2. A word used by certain political groups to refer to a government that does what they want.
1. The United States is governed by elected representatives and has no King or Queen so it is a republic.
2. Many conservatives talk about bringing back the "republic" and think the United States is not one because in their fantasy world the word "republic" means government that follows their beliefs.
by Truthshiner April 6, 2010
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Contrary to right-wing propaganda, a Republic is indeed a form of representative Democracy in which ordinary people elect officials to represent them in a legislature or parliament. Simply put, a Republic is the "what" and a Democracy is the "how." It's been that way since the Roman Republic was established in 509 B.C.

The notion that Democracy is a mob-rule involving direct citizen voting on every issue is a distortion spread by idiots like Tom Tancredo and radical ideologues like Pat Buchanan. They don't like the term "Democracy" because it reminds them of the Democratic party.

The opposite of a Republic is a Monarchy, not a Democracy.
"You know we have a Republic, not a Democracy, right?"

"You must be an intern at Fox News."
by Peter Kobs April 8, 2010
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Representative form of government pioneered in Greece but sophisticated in the Roman Republic. Involves districts with populace voters who elect their representative officials. United States is a Republic.
"This aint a democracy you idiot, its a republic"
by Jordon December 10, 2003
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A Republic is an indirect form of government in which the people of a nation elect represenitives to make decisions. The first Republic was that of ancient Rome, up until Julius Cezar, than it became and empire.
The United States of America is the best living example of a Republic, although (as all goverments are) it is rather corrupt.
Ancient Rome was the best Republic ever.

The United States Of America is a Republican state, not a democracy.
by Ice Cold Anarchy January 19, 2006
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When Gatecrasher was cool, it was called Republic.

Had the funky postcode of S1 1DJ.
Shall we go to Republic? At least the beers cool.
by dj_monged August 8, 2004
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What this form of government really is. Indeed superior to a democracy!
This country was founded as a Republic-where the people vote for represtatives and they handle the government business. For example if it was intended to be a democracy, Senators originally would not have been elected by Congressmen, and the President would not be elected by an Electoral College.

The founding Fathers did not have system of government in mind, where the load vocal minority, those who honk their horns the loadest tell an incompitent fuck what to do balless Clinton for example and his poll checking every hour upon the hour! This does not work, plus a poll only included 100-1000 questioniers. The idea is to elect and be represented by the best and brighest you can, not be at the mercy of the damned and dumbest- the ignorant Aunt Jemima society of nigger cunts and their democratic pussies for example!
by Master Eagle April 26, 2004
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