A place full of people who are sexually attracted to anonymously pissing off innocent people. Also inhabited by swaggots, slutty attention whores, future homeless people (also known as popular kids), and idiots who take opinions too seriously. If you go on that website and hide behind the screen like it's your mommy's back, you are officially retarded. Launched at 9:30 AM on June 16, 2010, anally fucking nice people since 9:31 AM on June 16, 2010. Nobody should kill themselves, but apparently half the site's population thinks people should. Site intended to be fun. Sometimes there's constructive criticism, sometimes has people stand up for others getting bullied, sometimes it has funny stuff. Not completely bad and can be kinda fun. Unfortunately does have anonymous douchebags that bully people. If you're someone anonymously bullying kids on ask.fm you should feel ashamed and I highly suggest you apologize or at least leave those people alone. If you have a problem, confront them in real life. It doesn't matter what they did to you or who did what first, using ask.fm on anon to punish someone for it is cowardly. It's even more cowardly if they didn't do anything at all and/or you just don't like them. If you're bullied on this website just know that what those people say shouldn't mean anything. You're living your life for you and no one else. Live out your life happily and don't let some anonymous asshole on this website get you down.
Asshat: "Dude, ask.fm is so funny."
Me: "Yeah apparently so is people killing themselves"
Asshat: "If they kill themselves it's their fault; I'm just kidding when I go on there anonymously because I don't wanna face repercussions. I mean people call each other worthless, emo, stupid, meaningless and pieces of shit all the time, right?"
Me: Yeah, if you're a complete nipple and despicable human being.
by Dr. Hot Tub February 20, 2014
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The black hole of social networking. Thousands of people get hate every day, and it drives some to kill themselves. Not a good place.

Don't make an ask.fm
Anon: kill urself fag
by oshkoshbgosh July 4, 2013
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social suicide, basically the modern burn book. people ask themselves questions just for the attention. warning: once your logged on no way of logging out, it will and has ruined you.
by itstaylorjohnson202 March 1, 2015
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A website where attention-seekers can ask each other questions. Most people start off as genuinely good people but many get addicted easily and soon become attention-seekers as well. Many people on ask.fm happen to be bisexual, have been or are depressed, suicidal and have or do self-harm. Like many other non-popular social media sites, people do tend to help each other out in sticky situations. Be careful for the trolls and haters, though. They can be nasty on anonymous.
"That girl is so ask.fm famous, she has so many likes!"
by asherslovesmusic July 11, 2013
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A place where perverted old men can anonymously ask teenage girls about their feet and beg for foot pictures.
I don't go to Ask.fm anymore because guys just ask me if they can lick my feet.
by Starz180 May 16, 2014
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A newer site that is alike to social networks except it only uses Questions & Answers (Q&A) type of protocol. Where you ask a question and *hope* for an answer. You're welcome to remain Anonymous or you may ask as yourself. This new "social network" site/application is supported on PC, iOS, Android, and Windows. It seems to work best on PC as of 7/3/2013, the phone App. looks very choppy and mediocre.
- - Remain anonymous when asking - -

Anonymous - Have you fucked your family before?
Name - Umm, who are you? NO!

- - Ask as YOU - -

Name - Who is your favorite actor?
Name - Well, that's Robert Downey Jr. =)!

In Person -

Friend - Hey man, did you see her answers on Ask.Fm?
You - No, why?
Friend - You won't believe what she said about you!
by MR.THUG July 3, 2013
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An Ask.fm War is when a person goes on anonymous; people who often do this are called 'anon'. And anon starts shit on a person's account causing a fight between anon and the person with the ask account. In some cases it can get so bad that people that are friends with the person being attacked on ask can take their side and argue with anon, causing an All-out war.
Anon: Ur a pussy bitch and you fucked your dog

Random Person With Ask Account: Um no I didn't actually, stop trying to start an ask.fm war with me.
by ShutUpBitchBam April 26, 2014
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