moving or controlling one's vehicle while intoxicated or in the process of intoxicating one's self.
He was spinning the wheel high on weed and was drinking a beer.
by jaylike24 February 6, 2015
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A threat, and a very serious one at that. If somebody threatens to spin the wheel on you beware! The wheel is a devastating haymaker type punch that may very well take your head off.
However, due to the severity of 'the wheel' it is very rarely spun. 'Spinning the wheel' is no joking matter.
Sometimes called 'the wheel of justice'
One man may say to another who has wrongly cast doubts over his sexuality: "if you don't take that back I am going to spin the wheel"
by Matty Boy October 7, 2004
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spin the wheel: to spin the wheel is to try your luck with girls... similar to going to the casino, and trying your luck with the roulette or chocolate wheel. although in most attempts the casino gives better odds
"hey i'm gonna go over there and spin the wheel"

"that booty is too good for you, don't bother"
by Archie vander January 23, 2010
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Like a car stuck in mud, to spin one's wheels is to try to make progress, but get nowhere.
I sat down to write my term paper, but after three hours realized I was just spinning my wheels.
by rear wheel drive June 21, 2011
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What happens when your computer is trying to tell you to spend less time looking at cat memes and go outside more.
by StingyMINE November 2, 2017
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It means to take a gamble so that you can change a situation that has become intractable.

You have got stuck in your current strategy. Your current options are either to do nothing or to lose. So you take the third option of introducing some randomness, knowing the situation can’t get worse, hoping the new situation will provide you more options.
Damn, the restaurant is closed. Let's take a walk and re-spin the wheel.
by alce March 1, 2019
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The spinning ham wheel is a sexual position where the male attaches a circular ham to a drill bit and drills the women's anus while he penetrates her vagina.
"Dude, last night this girl was feeling really kinky so I finally got to do the spinning ham wheel"
by The Death Defying Penis Sword January 26, 2018
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