As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia (or paedophilia) is typically defined as a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 or older) characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children (generally age 13 years or younger, though onset of puberty may vary). The child must be at least five years younger in the case of adolescent pedophiles aged 16 or older
Brennan is a prime example of a paedophile.
Dude he has a mangina!!
by hdhdhdpp April 4, 2011
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A Paedophile (sometimes spelled Pedophile) is someone who feels a sexual attraction towards young children. They arfe not necessarily a child abuser - it is possible to have a sexual attraction to children and NOT rape them, just as it is possible for a gay person to live all of their life in "the closet".
Paedophile: Hello
by Alipeewee21 December 29, 2010
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A teacher that likes to take girls time and waste their breaks on talking about irrelevant things, and is also very sexually attracted to her and is usually an adult.

Take the hint sir?
Me: Omg my math teacher is such a paedophile.
Friend: No he isn't

Friend: Nevermind I agree he locked me in his room while pole dancing.
by cheaterfinders April 21, 2019
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Rachelanne Ryan.
She likes children, cause she's a paedophile.
by ledgebag2k11 December 29, 2011
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Peadophiles have a really hard time fitting in. It probably doesn't help that their fucking immature assholes.
People who are scared of paedophiles need to grow up.,
by Quizzonmyface July 31, 2016
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Someone who is interested in children in a sexual way called Phil.
Did you hear? PaedoPhil is being released today!
Oh look, there's that PaedoPhil!
PaedoPhil got locked up again today, the dirty paedo!
by MyWordsAreMyOwn January 11, 2021
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