absaloute heaven
love life so much
with the boy/gal of your dreams
a phrase used when you really love someone
oh grace, i am in paradise when i am with you
by kellylovesgrace November 06, 2005
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Everyone has a different idea of their paradise, or vacation spot that would be absolutely perfect for them. In this case, the word 'beautiful' and paradise go hand-in-hand. a common phrase can be 'wow, this place is beautiful...its absolute paradise'. some of the popular 'beautiful' paradise spots could include any of the following

1. ski resorts
2. mountains
3. rainforest
4. countryside
5. beach/ocean (my personal favorite)
6. lake resorts
7. city
8. suburban towns
9. towns filled with culture (such as Europe and Costa Rica)
10. outback
11. savannah
1. I want to go to The Alps, it's paradise!

2. I want to go to Tibet and see the mountains to relax in paradise

3. A person was telling me about the rainforst's in Maui, sounds like paradise!

4. A friend mentioned they lived in Montana in the countryside, he said it sucked, but I thought it sounded like paradise

5. I want to go to The Bahamas, its ABSOLUTE PARADISE!

6. I hear there are good lake resorts throughout Canada, must be paradise

7. I have only lived in the countryside damnit! I need to go to the big city and experience life!

8. I have only lived in the city damnit! I need to go to the suburban towns and get some zest in my life!

9. She told me about traveling through Italy, sounds amazing...like paradise

10. a new exchange student is from Australian outback, i've only heard of outback steakhouse, I think I should visit there, he said its paradise

11. I am going hunting in Africa, I don't really want to run into any aborigines, but just to get a few wildebeest's and see the african wildlife
by PhatPJ March 19, 2009
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Paradise is a place which is perfect and it's different for everybody.

Paradise can also be somebody, or a place with somebody.

It's a place or a person where you feel at ease.
Julius: Burger King is paradise for me.

Gwendi: Being with Silvan is paradise for me.
by kohlröschen December 11, 2017
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florida a third world state with modern technology,the pay sucks ,drivers suck,and the food cost to much.yea this place does suck
florida,paradise,drivers,pay,food,third world technology all suck.
by al 88 November 08, 2005
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paradise is the most hottest person alive on earth. she’ll take your breathe away as soon as you see her, she’s also really gay too so all the hot babes go get yourself a paradise. she also hates straight men.
hot chick #1: dammnn that paradise over here lookin’ hot asf

hot chick #2: i know but back off she’s mine !!
by madisonbeersf!ckinhot September 10, 2020
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A version of the afterlife simular to heaven minus the clouds, harps and angels. Typically seen as an ideal place of beauty, a massive lush enclosed garden with every known exotic plant, animal, and bird.
Lucy thought when she'd die, she'd go to Paradise.
by OneBadAsp October 28, 2006
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