Piss the other party off, by saying "Old news".
People saying "Old news" refer to the fact that they already know what you were trying to tell them.

Originated by Vexiant.
Guy 1: Yo.. check this out (sending a link)
Guy 2: Old news, bro.
Guy 1: Ahh... Fuck you!
by Vexiant February 04, 2012
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Something that is old but has been used as new trend. For example mom jeans, patches, 70's band shirts
A: Have you seen new Justin Bieber's Lyric video for friends?
B: Yeah, I have, it has this old new style.
by beccaisboss August 23, 2017
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Was once New Amsterdam. Why they changed it I can't say. People just liked it better that way! Often compared to how Constantinople is now Istanbul.
Istanbul is business of the Turks. Who’s business is Old New York?
by FAT KNIGHT December 26, 2018
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Simple: butt sex in the woods during the day. Only butt sex, nothing else.
I brought Amanda down the Old New Hampshire Logging Trail and she had trouble walking back.
by S.E.McD February 17, 2009
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Any 990 and up variation of New Balance running shoes, esp. the 992 or 993 models.
Man that dude was rockin' some Old Man New Balance shoes.
by AstuteLegalScholar August 30, 2014
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New Old Stock, or NOS for short, refers to retail items or products that are still technically brand new, but have never been sold for long periods of time. This is commonly due to newer and/or upgraded versions of the same product being released, rendering the older models obsolete. Thus, this makes them old stock. But because they're still technically brand new, unused, unsold products, they are termed "new old stock".

New old stock units are typically sold at a greatly reduced price, since most of the focus and attention is put onto selling the current models. Retailers and vendors will usually have various quantities of new old stock left over from the previous product generation cycle, and will sell them at reduced prices to clear them out in order to accommodate for newer models.
John: Whoa, got yourself a new tennis racket huh?
Brian: Yep, only cost $60.

John: Wow that's a steal! How'd you get it for so cheap?
Brian: New old stock. This particular racket model came out in 2014, so it's been replaced numerous times already with fancy newer models. I figured hey, it's still technically brand new anyway, and tennis racket technology hasn't really changed over the past few years, so why the heck not?
by DeeeFoo January 26, 2018
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