Capital of the Byzantine Empire. Was established as New Rome by Constantine the Great in the 4th century A.D. (The Byzantine Empire was actually the Greek-speaking Eastern half of the Ancient Roman Empire, which offically fell in 476 A.D., with the deposition of Romulus Augustus.)Constantinople became the center of Orthodox Christianity after the Great Schism of 1054. Constaninople was sacked in 1204 by Western invaders during the 4th crusade, who then established the "Latin Empire." Even though Constantinople was retaken by its rightful owners in 1261, it never again regained its former glory. The weakened city was taken by the opportunistic Ottomans less than 200 years later, in 1453. Now in a state of disarray, the city of Constantinople is called "Istanbul" by it's Ottoman occupants. It is understood by most and argued by many that Constantinople is the rightful property of Greece. It is the opinion of many that the Turkish government should give back what wasn't theirs to take in the first place.
Since then, the Ottoman Empire has fallen, and the upstarts that inherited the broken nation seem to think they still have a right to be in Constantinople.
by Nial of the Ranseur September 25, 2007
Proper Name for a City on the Bosporus Straits between Europe and Asia. Under occupation by Muslim invaders for more than 600 years now. At the hands of these captives, it is and has been the site of racist anti-Christian Pogroms, Genocide, and government-sanctioned looting and destruction of property of any and all of the Christian churches there. Proper ownership of this city would either go to the Hellenic Republic (Greece), possibly Rossiya, the Russian Orthodox Church, or The Eastern (Greek) Orthodox Church. If the English and French were not dumbasses, Imperial Russia would have finished off the Ottoman dogs in the 17th or 18th Century, but leave it to those French Toads and English Twits to screw everything up. Wait to go England and France, if it wasn't for your selfish ends, you could have saved many Christians! How arbitrary is this, when the Greeks go for Independence, the English and the British assholes decide to help Russia achieve her ultimate goal of a free Christian eastern europe.
The proper name of the city located on the Bosporus Strait is Constantinople.

The only rightful owners of Constantinople are Christians.

by Mihail Alexsandrovich Toronov February 10, 2007
Was Greek, is Greek, and will always be Greek.

Constantinople is the eternal Capital of Greece.
I'm going to Constantinople, to greek Constantinople that is.
by Sherman February 9, 2005
The last valiant stronghold of Constantine's Holy Roman Empire. Was breached by the Ottoman Forces of Muhammad the Conqueror using artillery designed by Christian Engineers.
If Constantine agreed to purchase the designs for the siege cannons instead of turning them away, the Turks could never have captured Constantinople.
by Darius The Great January 5, 2004
the word EPIC is HEAVILY over used with things like
"epic fail"
their for in the case of something being truly epic
you well need to use a truly epic word
the word Constantinople well be used in place of epic
dude i fucking caught a shark, that could breath fire wile i fishing. it was Constantinople
by joker gallagher August 20, 2010
A made up imaginary place that is dreamt by Greeks every minute of their life. Actually its not imaginary...its just HISTORY! The place was called Constantinople 600 years ago....wasnt that a long enough time for you to get over it?
Joe: Istanbul was called Constantinople over 600 years ago but Greeks still think its their capital.

Jack: I wouldnt blame them for that Middle East looking capital they actually have.

Joe: Whats their actual capital called again?

Jack: Who cares.
by The Macedonian May 18, 2005
A very long word.
Person 1 - "Constantinople is a very long word, how do you spell it?"
Person 2 - "C-O-N.."
Person 1 - "Wrong, it's I-T!"
Person 2 then punches Person 1
by Ms Bomber June 20, 2009