Instead of saying "of course", you say "of coors" the beer.
Magic Chris: "Are you going to the football game tonight?"

Bob Swersky: "Of coors."
by Magic striss March 12, 2009
A phrase used to mimic the sound heard when BTS talks.
All I hear when BTS talks is Coor Coor Coor Coor
by Coor Coor Coor Coor April 17, 2019
This is your great-grandfather’s beer that tastes like your great-grandmother’s breast milk.

A standard by which other beers are measured.
Old English is 2 degrees above Coors “zero”.
by Diego Mendez January 25, 2008
A variation of the word cool, adapted from the stereotypical Asian "l" and "r" confusion. Developed by a huge Kim jong Il fan. Often said twice in succesion, as in "coor, coor".
Man 1: I just set the world land-speed record!
Man 2: coor, coor
by d-ford December 27, 2007
KID: wow, that is really coors!
Father: your right son that is.
by Mic August 5, 2004
A regular coors that you drink through a twizzler
check out my new creation- its a strawberry coors- its just a regular coors that you drink through a twizzler! (from American Dad)
by basketballbrian July 12, 2009