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The male body part also known as a scrotum. It contains two of the most important body parts that any man in this world would never want to lose. If you get hit in the ballsack you may hear someone say one of any theses three things.
1. Shit my balls
2. oww my balls
NOTE: Never say ballsack when being hit in tha ballsack. It's just not right
Hey babe, wanna c my ballsack
by Mic August 5, 2004
A secret stash of money usally used for the most part in emergencies only.
I used my locker to hold my slush fund not my books.
by Mic February 10, 2004
a childhood joke that pervertied little kids play on inicent little kids. They will tell you to look down your shirt and spell out attic. You then say A-T-T-I-C. How wrong
johnny: Hey Bill, look down your shirt and spell attic.
Bill: ok (looks down shirt) A-T-T-I-C
Johnny and friends: haha bill's a weirdo
by Mic August 5, 2004
That werid word that that guy says on that commercail. Someone tells him to stop making up words and then he says "spittlefrickle," meaning, god damn it mother fucker you are an ass hole for telling me to stop making up words you peice of shit hoe! or just saying "darn"
Gosh you caught me sue, "spittlefrickle"
by Mic August 6, 2004
an inncessently monterous doppleganger
disgruntled person:
by Mic June 14, 2004
the city (and/or house, neighborhood, hangout, etc) where a group of dopplegangers and/or dopplelopogouses live and/or hang out
1.not so bright kid: hey lets go to sally's party

cool kid: naw man don't you know that her house is like a dopplelopotropolis

2. not so smart kid: (looks @ girl) man i'd hit that
cool kid: man that girls like the mayor of dopplelopotropolis.
by Mic June 14, 2004