ocean city nj-
probably the driest beach town you’ll ever visit, tho there’s 2 rockin liquor stores right across the bridge. you want good pancakes? we’ve got uncle bills. good ice cream? actually no fucking bomb ass ice cream?? aunt betty’s. the courts on 35th are the best place for pickup games, and to pick up some day surfers and night ballers (girls, the best time is 7-9 pm)! you tired after a long days of work getting your tan? don’t hesitate to call randazzo’s and get some of the best pizza in the city, of course aside mac and mancos. 7th street and the surf mall are the places to blow your summer money on, and you never walk out of them without a new henna or braids in your hair. OCBP never fails to make us stop and stare, and one of the biggest accomplishments is the pleasure to talk to one of these boys. family town or whatever the fuck, once you go you get attached, and if you’ve grown up here you can agree that no matter any other beach town you visit nothing beats our little home town of ocean city, and that is ocean city NJ, NOT ocean city MD!!!
Me: yo you’ve ever been to ocean city NJ??
Jack: no bro any fucking good?
Me: i suggest you getcho ass down there soon!!
by aschu January 17, 2018
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Dry town with Liqour stores 10 seconds over the bridge. Every guy in town either plays basketball or surfs, usually both and every girl lives in bikinis and their only job is to work on their tan. The locals refuse to let home owners from pennsivalnia consider themselves part of the town and know them only as shoobies. 34th street is considered the local Ruker Park. You wont find a local that doesnt know the names Slobber bob, Battle, Disston, Harry, or the Longs. Nights in Venice is everyones favorite holiday. Local students enjoy the weekly classes on the beach when the weather is warm. Corsans Inlet by 55th st bridge is considered the prettiest spot for sunsets by the locals. The local kids dont care about anything but drinking, smokin weed, and relaxing. The kids here start playin beer pong when their 10 years old
Ocean City = Americas Greatest Family Resort
OC = Life
Ocean City NJ is the best place in the summer.
by OC4Life October 6, 2006
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Ocean City NJ is a small town in south jersey. only wealthy people can afford to own houses- anyone else, renters- also known as shoobies- are just a nuisance when they are there. A true ocean city girl practically lives in a bikini, has mastered the art of tanning, can successfully escape beach taggers, has made meaning of the song Under the Boardwalk, considers Night in Venice her favorite holiday, accepts that a party will get busted by the cops, drives atleast 40 on West Ave., and doesn't know a damn thing about North Jersey. The OCBP lifeguards are all amazingly good looking (but they should definitely go back to wearing the tiny bathing suits-these new ones cover up too much!) Any girl lifeguard is more than likely a lesbian and if she isn't, she atleast looks like she is. Days consist of spending endless hours on the beach working on your tanning without any cares except for what you are doing that night and who you are doing it with. Kiss our ass Avalon, Sea Isle, Stone Harbor, Wildwood, Longport, Margate..etc!!!
"America's Favorite Family Resort.." HELL NO!-GO AWAY SHOOBIES-WE DON'T LIKE YOU!
by luvOC April 26, 2005
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Basically where the sickest people all vacation in the summer, get drunk off their asses, stumble around and hookup all over the place.

Catch every girl with a juul or a wawa cup in there hand... we all know there’s no soda in that cup. Parties at castaway until the ops kick us off... then we move the party. Night usually ends with walks home with new people or a new man. shoobies take over all summer. We all know the meaning of the song under the boardwalk... lol. You either surf at 7th or you don’t surf at all. Don’t go shopping on Asbury unless you wanna go broke. Much respect for people that go to ocean city, raised different.
Ocean city NJ is easily the best beach in America
by Cashmoney6969 July 29, 2019
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September-June: Devoid of life
June-August: Pennsylvania lives here
They are considering it being renamed Condo City.
Night in Venice/Block Parties: Suck
Cops: nuts on 34th street
Girls: out of their minds -see above post
Town: empty
The above post. Perfect example of what happens to people who live here
by hateOC August 19, 2005
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shoob capitol of the world, shittiest place in the winter, decent swells, visit Surfers supplies when ur there and preps pizza, also some pretty harsh locals, and theres so many smut european ppl there
hey guys u can get cigs at the 99cent store from that slovakian guy in Ocean City NJ! too bad there $30 a pack
by labatt blue June 6, 2006
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No bars = "dry" town = complete bore. More kids and families than hot girls in bikinis (although many of the lifegurads are extremely goodlooking -- dated one myself:). People who live in OC end up having to go to Margate or SIC (Sea Isle City) or Avalon for a drink and Atlantic City for any fun. A Night in Venice is completely overrated. It's a family town so expect to see lots of Moms with their kids, loads of PA tags, and yep, it is DEAD in the winter.
Ocean City NJ IS a bore; there are much better beaches and towns in SJ.
by Sandyd September 25, 2005
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