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Ocean City NJ is a small town in south jersey. only wealthy people can afford to own houses- anyone else, renters- also known as shoobies- are just a nuisance when they are there. A true ocean city girl practically lives in a bikini, has mastered the art of tanning, can successfully escape beach taggers, has made meaning of the song Under the Boardwalk, considers Night in Venice her favorite holiday, accepts that a party will get busted by the cops, drives atleast 40 on West Ave., and doesn't know a damn thing about North Jersey. The OCBP lifeguards are all amazingly good looking (but they should definitely go back to wearing the tiny bathing suits-these new ones cover up too much!) Any girl lifeguard is more than likely a lesbian and if she isn't, she atleast looks like she is. Days consist of spending endless hours on the beach working on your tanning without any cares except for what you are doing that night and who you are doing it with. Kiss our ass Avalon, Sea Isle, Stone Harbor, Wildwood, Longport, Margate..etc!!!
"America's Favorite Family Resort.." HELL NO!-GO AWAY SHOOBIES-WE DON'T LIKE YOU!
by luvOC April 25, 2005

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