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Dry town with Liqour stores 10 seconds over the bridge. Every guy in town either plays basketball or surfs, usually both and every girl lives in bikinis and their only job is to work on their tan. The locals refuse to let home owners from pennsivalnia consider themselves part of the town and know them only as shoobies. 34th street is considered the local Ruker Park. You wont find a local that doesnt know the names Slobber bob, Battle, Disston, Harry, or the Longs. Nights in Venice is everyones favorite holiday. Local students enjoy the weekly classes on the beach when the weather is warm. Corsans Inlet by 55th st bridge is considered the prettiest spot for sunsets by the locals. The local kids dont care about anything but drinking, smokin weed, and relaxing. The kids here start playin beer pong when their 10 years old
Ocean City = Americas Greatest Family Resort
OC = Life
Ocean City NJ is the best place in the summer.
by OC4Life October 05, 2006

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