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Ocean City Beach Patrol: An organization of highly trained and skilled ocean lifeguards in Ocean City, MD. The OCBP is responsible for saving the lives of thousands of Pennsylvanians, Mexicans, and even some Western Marylanders each summer. OCBP guards are notorious for being in incredible shape and stealing the attention of the Senior Week girls, much to the dismay of the Senior Week guys. The OCBP consists of about 200 seasonal guards who patrol the beaches of MD, from Ocean City inlet to the Delaware line.
On a flat day, one will usually see the guards in a seemingly relaxed and unaware state. This is a common misconception due to the fact that the guards on the OCBP are so good at scanning that they can scan in their sleep (and do.)
On big surf days, the guards are typically standing for a covering guard, or are on the sand themselves, participating in a rescue, cover, or medical emergency.
OCBP guards are mostly natives of cities other than Ocean City proper, with a large portion of the guards hailing from Salisbury University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. A notable portion of the OCBP is Canadian, with a few guards even hailing from the former U.S.S.R.
The guards communicate from stand to stand with the ancient navy art of semaphore. Semaphore consists of sending messages by holding flags in different positions, like sign language. All guards on the OCBP are proficient in its usage and can send and read faster than you can or ever will be able to... Yes you, Sea Colony Beach Patrol.
Guards in Ocean City, MD work from 1000 to 1730 from May 23rd to September 27th. Guards usually work 2 blocks apart, depending on the time of the season, street location, and number of staff
The guards of the OCBP watch every person who ventures onto the beach and ensures their safety. Guards routinely place themselves in harm's way, often risking life and limb to rescue a family caught in a giant rip current or a drunk teen stuck in the impact zone on a hurricane surf day.
Guards do appreciate and graciously accept sandwiches, homemade cookies, and juice boxes.
Tom- "Dude, where is Cindy? Hasn't she promised to let you take her virginity at senior week since 7th grade?!"

John- "She fell in love with some guard on the OCBP this afternoon and gave herself to him."

Tom- "Wow, I think I'll try out for the OCBP!"
by Professor Witherspoon April 14, 2009
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