On The Way,

what you send as an excuse when you actually forget an appointment.
Fizz: "Dafuq's wrong with you? it's 6 p.m. already!"
Buzz (waking up): "Umm, I'm really sorry man, look, I'm otw, k?"
by meronymo January 12, 2015
To act completely insane and psychologically unstable! To lose all sense and stalk someone both on and offline.

Wow, she went completely OTW and started stalking people online.
by tippietoew February 11, 2009
acronym for other than white. used while trying to be politically correct in describing a person of another color.
while waiting for a cab in town, these otw's came rollin by and tried to jack my wallet. I couldn't get a good description because i was running for the hills.
by swimmerdog March 12, 2012
acronym for "on the weekends" or short for "only on the weekends." mostly used to make things dirty. often used in compilation with a "you're" joke. it's main use is sarcasm
friend: did you see that creepy man?

friend2: YOU'RE a creepy man
friend: OTW
by squeakysquiddles May 25, 2011
Woman 1: hey look at her! She's like a honey monster the was she towers over her boyfriend!
Woman 2: poor thing, she can't help being an OTW!
by Josmiles66 November 3, 2016
otw = on the way
by Stripped November 2, 2019